MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1 - The Start

MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1 - The Start

MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1 – The start


In this page we will discuss and get knowledge of MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1 – The Start

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Character introduction

•Vyasa – Who composed Mahabharata
•Shantanu – The king of Hastinapur
•Ganga – 1st wife of Shantanu
•Vasishta – The one who cursed
•Satyavati – 2nd wife of Shantanu
•Dasharaja – Fisherman, father of Satyavati
•Devbrata/Bhishma – Son of Shantanu


MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1
MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1



One day around River, Shantanu sees a beautiful woman & he fell in love with her instantly. He asked her to marry him but she said, I have some conditions like
– You can never asks me explanation of anything I do

Shantanu agrees to the condition & they get married.

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After a year she gives birth to their 1st child. But she drowned that child into the river, Shantanu sees this. But can’t ask her ‘why’, because of condition she gave before.

For continuous 7 children of Shantanu, she drowns them.

MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1


After birth of 8th child, when she again tries to drown the kid, Shantanu breaks the condition & asks her ‘why is she doing this’ with anger.

She says, ‘you can’t ask me anything, now you broke the condition, so I’m leaving you. But let me answer your question’.

MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1


MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1 – The Start

She answers that “I’m Ganga, the river goddess”.

7 drowned kids were the vasus of the heaven. Once these kids stole the cow of Vasishtha rushi, he cursed them that, they will be born as human.

Kids asked for mercy. so Vasisth said, you will be short-lived & mersied on them.

MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1
MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1

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Note : Human life was considered as curse

That’s why Ganga drowned them when they were born. This was the role given to Ganga. But 8th child didn’t ask for mercy to Vasishtha, that’s why he will have a long life as a human & he will endure the sufferings of human life.

MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1


Ganga disappears as per promise but she takes 8th child with her & promises to return it to Shantanu, one day.

One random day, Shantanu sees young boy around the bank of the river. Ganga appears & says to Shantanu, he is your 8th kid, he has grown now & he is extremely skilled.

MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1


The name of 8th son was Devbrata. Due to his courageous behaviour, Shantanu names him as a king of Hastinapur.

Shantanu who is single, again falls in love with a girl named Satyavati, begs her to marry with him. She asks him to take permission from her father Dasharaja.

Shantanu agrees & meets Dasharaja for permission. Dashraja says, you will have to name son of Satyavati (his daughter) as king ahead of Devbrata (Ganga’s son).

Shantanu denies & returns to palace. But he stays very sad for many days.

Devbrata (his son) notices & goes to meet Dashraja. Promises Dashraja that “I won’t marry for my whole life & will give my crown to Satyavati’s son”. Just let my father Shantanu marry with her.

Listening to this sacrifice, god showers flower on him & names him BHISHMA.

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MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1

Satyavati & Shantanu marries.

Shantanu after getting aware about sacrifice of his son, gives him a boon that he will be IMMORTAL & no one can kill him except himself.

MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1
MAHABHARATA Day 1 | Episode 1

That’s the end of DAY 1.

I hope you found it interesting & EASY to read quick, ur support would mean world to me as it takes lots of efforts. We meet tomorrow with next part of the story♥️

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