Vans Old Skool shoes

Vans Old Skool shoes
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Vans Old Skool shoes

Why are Old Skool Vans so popular?
While Vans sells other accessories, the brand’s footwear includes hundreds of styles to choose from. The Old Skool shoes are popular because of their accessible price point as a classic style that’s been going strong since the 1970s.


Are Vans good for everyday wear?
Yes. Many Vans are good shoes for standing all day. Be sure to pick a comfortable pair that is engineered for extended use. Keep an eye out for features that give you the optimal cushion you need and the support you crave.
product information
Fabric uppers offer durable, lightweight comfort Checkerboard, allover design 14 eyestays closure provides an adjustable fit Vulcanized rubber outsole with waffle tread for extra grip

Vans Old Skool Shoes


What happens if I wash my Vans?
Washing Vans in washing machine, as we saw above, can work, but be sure not to do it too often as the process can weaken the fabric. Get day-to-day stains out with a soft brush and save the full laundering treatment for when it’s really needed

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Vans Old Skool shoes

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