Hanuman Chalisa in English | हनुमान चालीसा अँग्रेजी में 2024

By SMB Oct 20, 2023

Hanuman Chalisa in English
हनुमान चालीसा अँग्रेजी में

(This is not an exact translation Hanuman Chalisa in English – but it is a rhyming poetry praising Lord Hanuman 🙏)

Hanuman Chalisa in English


1. In devotion’s light, we humbly pray,
Lord Hanuman, guide us on our way.

2. With mace in hand, you’re fearless and bold,
Bless us with strength, as your stories unfold.

3. “Ram Naam” on your lips, a joyful song,
In your radiant light, all fears are gone.

4. Serving Lord Ram, day and night,
In your devotion, our guiding light.

5. To Lanka’s shore, you took a stand,
A mountain in hand, by Ram’s command.

6. Sita’s devotion, pure and strong,
In Ashok Vatika, where you belong.

7. Burning Lanka’s city, a fiery might,
Tail ablaze, dispelling the night.

8. Sanjeevani herb, with a mighty wing,
To save Lakshman, you swiftly spring.

9. Shrinking and expanding, wondrous and divine,
To show Sita the wedding band’s fine.

10. Swallowing the Sun, in your playful play,
The universe within you, in your own way.

11. Healing the wounded, with Sushena’s grace,
In Lanka’s battlefield, your strength we embrace.

12. Saints and sages seek your light,
In devotion’s warmth, our hearts take flight.

13. Your blessings we seek, day and night,
Lord Hanuman, our guiding light so bright.

14. In your devotion, we find our grace,
A symbol of courage, in every place.

15. With unwavering faith, our hearts unite,
In your name, our prayers take flight.

16. Across the ages, your fame we trace,
In devotion’s embrace, we find our space.

17. In your service, we see the divine,
Lord Hanuman, your devotion so fine.

18. The ocean crossed with a single leap,
In you, Lord Ram’s trust runs deep.

19. Lanka’s terror, Ravana, you confronted,
In devotion’s fire, his city you blunted.

20. The mountain lifted with effortless ease,
Lord Hanuman, you aim to please.

21. The mighty war, you fought with might,
Lanka’s destruction, a glorious sight.

22. The Sun you seized with youthful grace,
A cosmic feat, in a playful embrace.

23. With the Sanjeevani, Lakshman you revived,
In devotion’s journey, your strength derived.

24. Lanka’s city burned, a fiery hue,
In devotion, your love so true.

25. Lord Ram’s name on your heart engraved,
In devotion’s path, you’re eternally saved.

26. On the hill, you brought the healing herb,
Hanuman, your devotion we deserve.

27. Your greatness beyond compare,
Lord Hanuman, in every prayer.

28. With a ring, you showed Sita’s grace,
In devotion’s light, we find our place.

29. Lanka’s golden city, you set ablaze,
In devotion’s fire, your name we praise.

30. Your blessings sought by saints and seers,
Through the ages, your fame appears.

31. Your humility, devotion, and might,
In your service, we find our light.

32. Lord of courage, love, and grace,
In devotion’s embrace, we find our space.

33. In the cosmic dance of devotion, you partake,
Lord Hanuman, our hearts awake.

34. As the Chalisa concludes, we pray anew,
For your grace and blessings, pure and true.

35. Lord Hanuman, our hearts you renew,
In devotion’s flame, our love for you grew.

36. Your devotion, an eternal spark,
Lighting our way through the endless dark.

37. To you, Lord Hanuman, we humbly bow,
In devotion’s embrace, we take our vow.

38. In every trial and every test,
In devotion’s refuge, we find our rest.

39. Your name and glory, we endlessly sing,
Lord Hanuman, to you, our hearts cling.

40. In your devotion, we find our peace,
Lord Hanuman, our love will never cease.


Image Hanuman Chalisa in English


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May this poem based on the Hanuman Chalisa inspire devotion, strength, and peace in your heart.

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Hanuman Chalisa in English | हनुमान चालीसा अँग्रेजी में 2024

Hanuman is not avatara of Shiva. Hanuman is avatara of Lord Vayu. Vayu is Lord Brahma’s younger brother. Since Brahma is the father of Lord Shiva, Vayu is uncle to Shiva.
1. Vishnu
2. Lakshmi
3. Brahma, Vayu & Ruju
4. Their wives
5. Garuda, Shesha & Rudra.
6. Their wives.


Hanuman Chalisa in English | हनुमान चालीसा अँग्रेजी में 2024


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