Kuwait Touristic Enterprises Company opens Al-Blajat Beach

By SMB Oct 3, 2023

Kuwait Touristic Enterprises Company opens Al-Blajat Beach


#Kuwait Touristic Enterprises Company opens Al-Blajat Beach


The Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) announced Tuesday inaugurating Al Blajat Beach, which contains entertaining services for visitors as part of developing maritime destinations.

The Blajat project includes a revamp sea side experience which includes public beach, and many other beach facilities including sun beds, private cabanas on the beach and cabanas on the water, inflatable water park, walkways and dining areas with a number of restaurants and cafes.


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Visitors can use the beach from 9: a.m. until 11: p.m. (local time) in all days of the week. The capacity of the beach is 3,000 visitors per day.

Entry ticket to the Balajat project can be purchased from their website blajat .kw. All visitors will be provided with a wristband at the ticket booth for identification purposes.

The price details of various activities are listed on their website, which includes Sunbeds at 8KD per person, Beach Cabanas at 45KD for a maximum of four people, Floating Cabanas at 45KD for a maximum of six people, Floating Pool at 10KD per person, Kuwait TAG Obstacle Course at 7.5KD per person and Kids Water Park at 5KD per person.

The company allocated two paths for those with special needs that include offerings required services to ensure the optimal use of the beach.

The TEC is a government-owned entity that is responsible for operations, development, and management of touristic, entertainment and recreational assets and facilities.


Kuwait Touristic Enterprises Company

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