MTFE Scam or Legit

MTFE Scam or Legit

MTFE Scam or Legit


They are a trading broker engaged in various Forex, Indices, Commodity, Stocks and Crypto Markets, through their MTFE App freely available on Playstore! Or app store for your downloads.
MTFE review, do your research check online you will see overwhelming positive review about this project.


MTFE brokers have more than 7 years, but for the African and Asian markets, it is now 3 year that they continue to develop their branches while their headquarters is in Canada! Now there are more than 167 branches in the world.

Is MTFE legit or scam

Every investment whether online or offline has risk, the reason people are advised to start any investment with what you can afford to risk. We already know that scam projects disappears anytime but legit projects also crashed sometimes due to uncontrollable circumstances.
MTFE APP, has proven to be a safe place to invest, because it is the only place where you can enter the market yourself and make profit based on your  knowledge and skills. A place where you manage your trade losses.
Just as stated, MTFE also provides the Ai option to gain from, in those AI trades we experience losses even though they are recoverable within days to prevent any form of liquidation. That means with MTFE app, we cannot get big losses that affects our capital.
Deposit and withdraw is very easy and your capital can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

MTFE registration

Follow the steps below
  1. Go to play store and download mtfe app
  2. Register with either your email or phone number
  3. Use promote code: 3089228
  4. Verify your account
  5. Make deposit
  6. And start your trading with the help of AI smart bot
  7. Invite your friends and share with them a joy of mtfe! MTFE MAKES LIFE BETTER  Download the app with this link
  8. You can start with  $30.
You can join our Zoom sessions where you will learn how to trade by yourself on the MTFE trading app that has been in your phone since 2015.
If you are having any difficulties getting the verification code, follow this instruction below
  1. Send the phone number or email address you used when registering.
  2. Promo Code for Superior:- 3089228
  3. Country at the time of registration., Nigeria (If the verification fails, pls contact support.)
Support  will assist you complete the registration now.
Chat support
+1 (281) 932-6405

// Big Scam in recent years //


MTFE approximated trading profit margin

  • $26 profits $0.4- 1
  • $61 profits $1-2
  • $201 profits $3-5
  • $501 profits $10-15
  • $901 profits $20-25
  • $1501 profits $35-45
  • $2001 profits $50-65
  • $3501 profits $85-100 etc

How to withdraw money from MTFE

  • Move to the Fund section
  • Click withdraw
  • Submit withdrawal request
  • Confirm payment
MTFE trading real or fake, it is real, you can register and start trading with a minimum of $30

How to deposit fund on MTFE platform

  • Your mtfe account must be verified before you can deposit funds. Once it is verified it will show green
  • When you go to your dashboard click on deposit. You will see using debit card. If you are using debit card it will take up to 14 working days before your money would reflect. To fund faster use crypto.
  • Click on wallet instead, you will see withdraw, recharge and transfer. So click on recharge, it will open crypto wallet
  • Copy the wallet address
  • Go to your exchange, BINANCE, SuperEx, etc and paste the wallet address for payment. The list amount is $30
  • The deposit usually take up to 30 minutes before it reflects on your wallet.
  • Transfer the money to asset because you can’t trade if your money is in the wallet. Click on transfer icon to carry out the transaction.
  • Click on confirm transfer it will show successful. Wait for it to reflect. Note, you will be charge some fractions, less than a dollar. If you want to use $30 to trade then transfer 32$, your exchange will take 1$ transaction fee and MTFE will also charge you 0.85$ when you moved the money to asset from your wallet.
  • The next thing is to activate your bot, to do that, click on activity centre, transaction mode.
  • Click on AI smart transaction
  • On the bot by tapping on the box

The system does not lock any money if you want to withdraw you can do that anytime. All you need to do is to off the bot then go and withdraw your capital and profit and go.

Note, mtfe review


// Big Scam in recent years //


If you fund your wallet on Monday-Thursday it will take the system  1 week to give actual figures. Best time to fund is Weekends.


Referral Commissions is calculated on Daily Trading Profit of Down lines up to the 3rd Generations

MTFE Earn Money Online

From $30 to $500, You are in BASIC OR BEGINNERS LEVEL:

Below is your Commissions from  your Team Members
  • Level 1 Commission 12%
  • Level 2 Commission 8%
  • Level 3 Commission 3%

From $501 to $3,500, You are in LEVEL 1:

Below is your Commissions from your Team Members
  • Level 1 Commission 15%
  • Level 2 commission 10%
  • Level 3 Commission 5%

From $3,501 to $20,000 You are in LEVEL 2:

Below is your Commissions from from your Team Members
  • Level 1 Commission 18%
  • Level 2 Commission 12%
  • Level 3 Commission 6%

From $20,001 to $30,000 you are in LEVEL 3:

Below is your commissions from your team members
  • Level 1 Commission 21%
  • Level 2 Commission 14%
  • Level 3 Commission 7%

From $30,001 to $50,000 you are in LEVEL 4:

Below is your commissions from your team members
  • Level 1 Commission 25%
  • Level 2 Commission 16%
  • Level 3 Commission 9%

From $50,0001 and above, you are in LEVEL 5:

Below is your commissions from your team members
  • Level 1 Commission 30%
  • Level 2 Commission 18%
  • Level 3 Commission 12%
The higher your Account Level so also the higher Team Commission percentage
Every Weekend the system will automatically adjust the Account Level according to your Account Funds.
If you want to Upgrade your Account level, please Maintain the Corresponding Account Equity Level before every Friday.


All those interested to download the MTFE Trading App.
Go to your Play store and download it, you will no longer send your funds to anyone, other than the MTFE broker where u control your trades yourself.
So in MTFE app no matter your level you can take advantage of the app to make profit based on your capacity.
You don’t have to borrow to start in MTFE, start from where you can.
Metaverse Foreign Exchange group (MTFE) is located in Ontario, Canada authorized by Fintrac as claimed. Fintrac is responsible for detecting and preventing money laundering and not regulator for brokers.
The CEO of MTFE is Jason Ludwig, the company started in 2015 but only came to other continents like Asia and Africa 3 years ago. In Nigeria the upline to my upline will be 3 years in this business by August this year.
Not everything online is a scam even though there are many scam sites out there. If you have not come across them you will not know. Onewiex is another platform that has proven itself and many are happy with it.
Download MFTE app on play store use this promote code to register 3089228, fund and get back to me so I can add you to our members group were zoom meetings and signals are dropped. WhatsApp:08155196689


Mtfe is a scam platform stay off here

It has been two months since I started working here. I asked for a transaction from asset to wallet yesterday, but I never received it.

Because there is no support, this platform is a scam. You will already have lost whatever money you deposit here. The administrator cannot be reached in any way. I visited ~Ar chi ve su c ce s s. c o M~. They are famous for offering top-notch slippage protection, guaranteeing that their assets won’t be lost. With them, I’ve accomplished a lot.

Date of experience: August 09, 2023

Operating status:


// Big Scam in recent years //

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