Creative Content Agency In Dubai

Creative Content Agency In Dubai
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Creative Content Agency In Dubai


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Our team of skilled content writers based in Dubai is dedicated to delivering outstanding content writing services tailored to your website’s needs. Whether you require compelling articles, captivating website content, or SEO-optimized writing, we have you covered.


Leveraging our proficiency in content creation, we will assist you in effectively conveying your message and drawing in your desired audience. Elevate your online presence and boost organic traffic to your website by utilizing our customized website content writing services.


Don’t hesitate to reach out today to discuss your requirements and take your online brand to new heights.

All about Creative Content Agency In Dubai

Creative Content Agency In Dubai

Our agency plans, produces, publishes and promotes
content for market leading brands.

This approach is called
The 4Ps of Content.

Learn it, apply it, succeed with it. With or without us.


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The 4Ps of Content is a framework for creating effective content by focusing on four key areas of the process; Plan, Produce, Publish and Promote. The framework was created by Raj Kotecha, founder of Creative Content Agency (CCA) and is based on regular patterns that have reoccured during CCA’s production of several thousand items of content for brands.

Creative Content Agency Applicable to any instance of content creation, “the 4Ps” can be applied to multiple use cases and goals. The framework can be learned for free on this site as part of CCA’s global goal to empower anyone with the ability to produce an infinite amount of content to better their lives or businesses.

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We’re a management consulting firm that cross dresses as a content agency.

Before we begin, here’s what you need to know:

Creative Content Agency (CCA): Established in 2006 by entrepreneur Raj Kotecha, CCA started off as an online entertainment company producing celebrity videos for distribution on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and other emerging video platforms of the time. The business was supported by a live events division, furthering the opportunities to make content in other sectors including venture capital, tech, media, music, education and e-commerce. Since 2008, the agency has almost exclusively been operating as a consultancy and producer for market leading brands in the UK and Dubai.


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4Ps of Content: With thousands of pieces of content commissioned by brands completed by CCA, Raj Kotecha was an early thought-leader on content best practice and trends. It was during preparation for a series of speaking engagements in 2008 that he spotted four key areas that both underpinned what the industry wished him to speak on, and had been driving the success of content campaigns in his agency. These 4Ps of Content remain true today.


Successful content comes about when you Plan, Produce, Publish and Promote it correctly and in alignment with your goals.


DUBAI – Creative Content Agency In Dubai

Creative House
Sharjah Media City (Shams)
Al Messaned
Al Bataeh
Sharjah, UAE
P.O. Box: 515000


LONDON – Creative Content Agency In Dubai

Creative Content Agency
No. 1
1 Royal Exchange
United Kingdom


DIRECTORY – Creative Content Agency In Dubai

Raj Kotecha
Founder & CEO

+971 55 42 44 630
DM @RajKotecha

Vik Morjaria

+971 50 945 8811
DM @vikmorjaria

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