MTFE Popularity in Bangladesh

MTFE Popularity in Bangladesh

MTFE is gaining its popularity in Bangladesh

Abstract: Combining its AI technology with real-world financial trading

Recently, a financial brokerage firm established in 2015 and based in Canada has garnered significant attention from Bangladeshis, especially the youth. This financial brokerage firm is called METAVERSE FOREIGN EXCHANGE GROUP INC (MTFE for short).

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MTFE Scam or Legit


The group was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada at 500-7030 Woodbine Ave, with membership in the MSB (Money Services Business) with membership number M22076570. The group has already received official certification from the authoritative third-party rating agency Wikifx, with a current Wiki score of 7.08, and has been insured by the third-party sponsorship agency EPS for up to$3,000 USDin compensation in the event of any claims against the broker.

// Big Scam in recent years //

Combining its AI technology with real-world financial trading, the group has developed an AI-powered intelligent trading system that uses a programmatic automated trading system to capture market opportunities based on real-time fluctuations. The system will automatically exit a trade when it reaches a profit-taking level, or close out a losing trade when necessary. Many investors already on the platform have reported positive results from the AI intelligent trading system, which has gained recognition from many investors in Bangladesh.



1.jpg MTFE Popularity in Bangladesh
MTFE Popularity in Bangladesh



In June 2022, the group began its globalization initiative, and according to its official website, it has opened over 100 offline service centers in more than 20 countries worldwide. The group claims that it will open over 100 offline service centers in each country in the next 10 years.

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Currently, the platform displays nearly 50 offline service centers in Bangladesh.

Below are some of the locations of our operational service centers in Bangladesh



House: 22, Road: 140, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212

Hotline number:




451/B,1 st floor, Taltola,khilgon,dhaka

Hotline number:

+880 1777511105



‘Naima House ‘ 609, B-266 , Greater Road Kajihata Rajpara Laxmipur Rajshahi

Hot line Number:


MTFE Popularity in Bangladesh

MTFE registration

Follow the steps below
  1. Go to play store and download mtfe app
  2. Register with either your email or phone number
  3. Use promote code: 3089228
  4. Verify your account
  5. Make deposit
  6. And start your trading with the help of AI smart bot
  7. Invite your friends and share with them a joy of mtfe! MTFE MAKES LIFE BETTER  Download the app with this link
  8. You can start with  $30.
You can join our Zoom sessions where you will learn how to trade by yourself on the MTFE trading app that has been in your phone since 2015.
If you are having any difficulties getting the verification code, follow this instruction below
  1. Send the phone number or email address you used when registering.
  2. Promo Code for Superior:- 3089228
  3. Country at the time of registration., Nigeria (If the verification fails, pls contact support.)
Support  will assist you complete the registration now.
Chat support
+1 (281) 932-6405

MTFE approximated trading profit margin

  • $26 profits $0.4- 1
  • $61 profits $1-2
  • $201 profits $3-5
  • $501 profits $10-15
  • $901 profits $20-25
  • $1501 profits $35-45
  • $2001 profits $50-65
  • $3501 profits $85-100 etc

// Big Scam in recent years //

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