MAHABHARATA Day 2 | Episode 2 - Bhishma's Arrogance

MAHABHARATA Day 2 | Episode 2 – Bhishma’s Arrogance

In this article we will discuss about MAHABHARATA Day 2 | Episode 2 – Bhishma’s Arrogance and It won’t take more than 3 minutes to read this piece of gold.

Today’s Character Introduction

•Amba, Ambika, Ambalika – Three beautiful daughters of king of Kashi
•Chitrangad, Vichitravirya – Sons of Satyavati & Shantanu
•Salva – The lover of Amba
•Vyasa – Ugly looking Rishi, son of Satyavati (with someone else)


MAHABHARATA Day 2 | Episode 2 - Bhishma's Arrogance


Terms to remember

Kuru dynasty : A series of rulers who were from the same Kuru family.

Niyoga : A woman, whose husband was either impotent or had died, could be impregnated by another man to continue the family lineage(tree).

Shantanu & Satyavati was living happy married life. They get blessed by two sons, Chitrangad & Vichitravirya.

Chitrangad lost his life in the battle & due to health concerns Shantanu also died.

Satyavati wanted Vichitravirya to get married soon. So Bhishma asks match makers to find beautiful lady for Vichitravirya.




During same time, King of Kashi had most beautiful daughters with unparallel beauty. He arranges Svayamvara of those 3 daughters. Amba, Ambika & Ambalika.

But King of Kashi didn’t want any Kuru dynasty(Vansh) king to marry with his daughters. So they were not allowed to apply for Svayamvara with them.

MAHABHARATA Day 2 | Episode 2 - Bhishma's Arrogance

Bhishma (who belongs to Kuru dynasty) when gets aware about this, gets furious.

With all anger, Bhishma forcefully attends the Svayamvara & picks all those 3 daughters from King of Kashi’s palace & takes them to Hastinapur.

Amba after reaching to Hastinapur speaks with Satyavati that, she is in love with King Salva in Kashi & she wants to marry him.

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Image Bhishma


Satyavati allows Amba to go back to Kashi. After coming back to Kashi, Amba meets with Salva, her lover. But he rejects her proposal as he says, ‘Bhishma won in Svayamvara battle, only he can marry with you’. Amba gets really sad.

She goes to her father but her father says same.

Amba gets really angry on Bhishma for ruining her life. She forces Bhishma to marry her at any cost now, as no one else is accepting her anymore.

Bhishma says I can’t break my promise, I can’t marry, I’m sorry. Amba with lot of anger says, “One day I’ll kill you Bhishma”.

MAHABHARATA Day 2 | Episode 2 - Bhishma's Arrogance


Bhishma smirks at her & says “Amba I’m immortal, no one can kill me except myself”. Amba leaves.

Vichitravirya gets married with Ambika & Ambalika. But just after marriage, he dies.

Satyavati who wanted grandson, asks Bhishma to do niyoga with wives of Vichitravirya.

Bhishma denies. Suggests her, to ask to her another child Vyasa to do Niyoga with them.

Vyasa, an ugly looking Rishi, agrees to do. Ambika & Ambalika gets frightened by his presence in their bedroom.

Ambika keeps her eyes closed during all the time of niyoga with Vyasa & there Vyasa says her kid will be a BLIND. Kid borns as a blind &

MAHABHARATA Day 2 | Episode 2 - Bhishma's Arrogance
MAHABHARATA Day 2 | Episode 2 – Bhishma’s Arrogance


When he goes to bedroom of Ambalika, she gets frightened & pale. Vyasa says her child will be pale & weak looking. Kid borns as pale.

His name was PANDU.


Satyavati asks Vyasa to give her good looking & sharp grandson. But Ambalika denies to have Niyoga again & she sends her maid to bed with Vyasa.

Maid spends happy time with him & gives wisest grandson to Satyavati named VIDURA.

VIDURA was appointed as prime minister of the kingdom.

With time, PANDU turns out as great king of Hastinapur winning many battles. He is termed as Greatest ruler Kuru dynasty(vansh) ever had.


That’s the end of DAY 2.

I hope you found it interesting & EASY to read quick, ur support would mean world to me as it takes lots of efforts. We meet tomorrow with next part of the story♥️


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MAHABHARATA Day 2 | Episode 2 – Bhishma’s Arrogance



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